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We are an educational training site, staffed by licensed professional counselors and supervised graduate level interns.  We know finding the right counselor for your needs is important, so we invite you to get to know our counselors below.

Our Licensed Counselors all work with individuals, couples, and families. They have a wide array of experience and approaches to counseling. 

Our graduate level interns are in the final phases of completing their academic training in pursuit of counseling licensure. They receive supervision weekly.

Our supervisors have extensive training and are all licensed in the counseling field. They meet with the interns weekly to provide ongoing training and support. 


Licensed Counselors

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Carl Wilson

Licensed Professional Counselor

My passion is to walk beside my clients to develop strategies for overcoming marital conflict, addiction, and trauma.  I embrace the belief that every person is created in the image of a loving God.  Therefore, I aspire to engage communities and individuals around the concept of multicultural awareness and inclusion in wellness.  In the counseling relationship, I am committed to the development of the whole person, emphasizing character, spirituality, and mental and physical wellness.  With empathy and compassion, I intend to guide my clients in navigating life’s challenges to heal, grow and expand. 

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Doxa Zannou

Licensed Professional Counselor

I value a collaborative approach in therapy because I believe clients are the experts in their own lives. I am honored to walk alongside clients and I take a person-centered approach by providing unconditional positive regard, empathy, and genuineness. I am passional about family systems because all indivdiuals are shaped by their family and social context. I also value social justice initiatives, multicultural inclusivity, and cross-cultural understanding. I am from Benin, West Africa, and I am fluent in both French and English.  

Graduate Level Interns

Emily Bader

Counseling Intern

I am passionate about creating spaces that are warm and welcoming in order to allow clients to feel safe, listened to, seen, and known. I believe all people are beautiful, complex and have important stories to tell. As a counselor, I desire to walk alongside my clients as we work towards mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health in their lives. I am specifically drawn to bring hope and healing to individuals who have experienced trauma, abuse, addictions, depression, and anxiety.

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LaVonne Bennett

Counseling Intern

Life can be hard, but one's emotional and mental health still matters. My goal is to work with individuals, couples, and families to achieve holistic wellness from conflict, trauma, depression, unhealthy anger, anxiety, and grief. Working with my clients, we will build conflict resolution skills (internal and external), troubleshoot toxic emotions, and embrace purposeful living.

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David Bronsveld

Counseling Intern

My desire is to come alongside individuals and provide them with a safe space to grow and learn more about themselves. I believe that it is important for clients to feel supported and accepted in the therapeutic relationship. My approach to counseling is to utilize the client’s strengths and empower them to better mental health. I am passionate in working with those who are struggling with depression, anxiety, and addictions.  

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Paul Brouwer

Counseling Intern

My passion is to be present and encouraging for every person, no matter who they are or what they go through. I am committed to building relationships in counseling marked by trust and understanding, allowing us to walk through life's difficulties together. Because life is so complex, I believe in the power of processing our experiences and emotions collaboratively. My desire through counseling is to work together with clients to discover their unique strengths and create and achieve goals.

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Teresa Gonzalez

Counseling Intern

I intend to provide a warm, safe space in which clients can feel supported and accepted throughout the process of growth and change. I believe counseling should be a collaborative process between the counselor and client on a journey of exploration and growth. I fully recognize that every client has a different background and deals with a unique set of challenges. I am bilingual (English & Spanish) and desire to counsel adults, adolescents, and children of multiple cultural backgrounds.

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Tina Kramm

Counseling Intern

We all need help to process emotions and allow our wounds to heal. Whether you’ve experienced a traumatic life event, interpersonal issues or are struggling with anxiety or depression, my goal is to provide a space where you can openly share what you are going through. I am also passionate about coming alongside clients as they develop in their racial and cultural identity. Processing your racial identity can be a challenging time as you grapple with racial prejudice and injustice. I hope to give you a safe environment in which you can gain a better understanding of your racial identity.  Languages: Serbian and Hungarian 

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Kaylie Short

Counseling Intern

Through the counseling process, I desire to help people heal, grow, change and come into more fullness in themselves and in their relationships. I strive to create space where individuals and couples feel accepted, understood and where they feel safe to share their stories and collaboratively process difficult and overwhelming experiences. I am interested and passionate about working with those navigating the challenges of anxiety, depression, grief, traumatic experiences, relational issues and spiritual or existential concerns.

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Kevin Thomas

Counseling Intern

I enjoy sitting with people in their struggles and pain, listening to them, celebrating with them, and mourning with them. Whether dealing with trauma from the past, current life struggles, or fears about the future, I want to be with my clients and help them holistically. I desire to see people learn to unconditionally accept themselves, others, and life so they can grow past what is burdening them and live their lives to the fullest.

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Lucas Somma

Counseling Intern

Clients and I collaborate to creatively respond to life’s challenges. All of us, at one point or another, face what feels like insurmountable obstacles and unchangeable patterns. The counseling session is the space where relationships are built, stories are shared, and new perspectives to chronic challenges propel us forward.  I strive to honor the unique wisdom and abilities that God gives each person to courageously challenge patterns that served us at one time but no longer align with who we’re growing into.  


Mary Webb

Counseling Intern

Collaboratively creating a safe and healing environment where you can overcome and grow is my focus.  My goal is to empower you to decrease symptoms, learn new coping skills, gain new perspectives, and grow so that you have optimal mental health and wholeness. You have a unique background, context and struggles; together, we can draw on your individual strengths. My special interests include trauma, multicultural issues, spirituality, and creative-based therapies. Languages: English and Arabic

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Dr. Deborah Gorton

PhD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist  

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Elom Togbi-Wonyo

MA, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor


Dr. Oksoon Cho

MA, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor


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