Who We Are

Many students contributing to this blog are currently studying to receive their Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling through Moody Theological Seminary. We also have a number of Professors and Professionals within the Moody community that are lending their expertise on various mental health and counseling related topics. Additionally, we have a number of guest contributors who occupy a variety of professions from communications and marketing, to business management and politics that have graciously lent their voice to this platform. 

Also located on the campus is the MTS Counseling Center, staffed by Licensed Clinical Psychologists and Licensed Professional Counselors, as well as advanced graduate students who are completing their master's degree. If you would like information regarding the services offered through the clinic, you can email or call (312) 329-2870. For more information about the program, you can visit the webpage here

Where We're located

Moody Theological Seminary's Counseling Center is located at 810 N. LaSalle St, right in the heart of downtown Chicago. MTS has been in Chicago for decades and has a rich history in Chicago as one of the largest landowners in the city. The counseling center was established in 2015, and is located in the center of the Moody campus, right off of N. LaSalle St.