CMHC Student Contributors

The MTS Graduate Students are in the midst of their training in pursuit of many ministry and professional aspirations. Some are pursing licensure to practice counseling in the United States, while others are hoping to bring their training to their home country across the globe. Their integrated training in theology and clinical counseling provide unique insights we hope you will enjoy. 

Growing Pains By: Stephanie Kirscherner


10 Effective Communication Tips by: Priscilla Rogers


The Ennegram: Personality Within Community by: Debralyn Bryant

Love, War and Communication By: Jennifer Schindler

4 Things Not to Say During the Grieving Process By: Jennifer Ngaonye

Arms of Victory By: Alyssa Schock


how to Cope with the Changing Seasons by: Debralyn Bryant

A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Mind By: Keiko Izumi

Learning the Art of Letting Go By: Barbara hill


The Impact of the Actual Divorce Rate By: Steven Drury


When Enough is Enough: 3 Helpful Ways to Manage Stress By: Jennifer ngaonye

PTSD: Causes, Symptoms, and Hope By: Jacklyn Robertshaw

When Expecting Isn't What You Were Expecting By: Kerri Kristoff


Grief: Considerations, Commonalities & Faith By: Diana bakia