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Monday - Thursday: 8am-8pm

Friday - Saturday: 8am-3pm

Mental Health Meet - Ups

In addition to offering video counseling services, join a free virtual mental health meet-up to process your feelings and experiences related to COVID-19. Facilitated by our interns, you'll also learn some stress/anxiety management skills. Register for a group below.


Open to anyone experiencing the many effects and stresses related to COVID-19.

For those working in these fields to connect over shared experiences.


Open to all educators navigating the sudden academic changes.

First Responders/

Health Care 

For those working in these fields to connect over shared experiences.


Discuss the challenges of parenting during this uncertain time.

College Students

Open to college students to focus on the unique loss of community.

Moody Staff/Faculty

For the Moody staff/faculty community navigating challenges and obstacles.

COVID-19 Response

We recognize this time can cause uncertainly, anxiety, and fear. We are committed to the safety and ongoing care of our clients and will continue to monitor the situation closely. 

Counseling Services - Telemental Health

MTSCC is temporariliy offering telementalhealth services that are aligned with the laws and regulations pertaining to telemental health practice in the State of Illinois. For current residents of Illinois, you may contact your mental health provider directly to discuss this service. For those having to transition out of state, we hope to offer alternative options as soon as possible. More information on those services will be forthcoming.


Out of State

For those having to transition out of Illinois during this time, we recommend you seek care in your local community. Here are several resources available to help you connect with a counselor in your area:


Be prepared as you work to connect with a counselor. Our current staff and counselors are here to assist you in this process; please do not hesitate to reach out to us for help. As you seek support in your current community, consider the following:


  1. What am I looking for/what do I need in a therapist?

  2. What do I want help with? (e.g. anxiety, depression, sleep, mood, adjustment to new life circumstances, relationship issues, trauma, family relationships, etc)

  3. Do I want a counselor with a specific skill set? (e.g. experience with trauma, cognitive behavioral training, experience in relational counseling, etc.)

  4. Am I able to and/or do I want to use my insurance?

  5. Am I look for a counselor with a specific faith background?

Once you have a sense of what you are seeking, the Psychology Today Therapist Finder is an excellent tool to help you find a mental health provider in your area:

  • Go to the Psychology Today webpage:

  • Click on "Find a Therapist" or scroll down to the "Find a Therapist" search bar

  • Enter your zip code (or neighborhood if you are in larger place)

  • You can use the filter to choose your insurance (if you are using insurance)

  • You can use the filter to choose counselors that are trained in working with specific issues

  • You can use the filter to choose counselors who are trained in working with a specific faith

  • You can use the filter to choose counselor who are trained in providing different types of therapy


Again, we are here to support you as best we can in this process. If there is anyway we can assist you, please do not hesitate to reach out.