cMHC Professional Contributors

The faculty of Moody are thought-leaders in the world of theology and counseling, impacting the ministry field and professional field in countless ways. Many work at Moody full-time, while others are actively involved in other ministries. We hope you will appreciate their extensive knowledge and education as you explore the counseling world. 

Compassion and Counseling by Dr. Deborah Gorton


Grieving Fully By: Dr. Valencia Wiggins

Cultural Considerations: Research on PTSD and Trauma in the Global Context By: Dr. Michael Milco

The Truth About Pornography By: Rick Manabat

A "Christian" Counselor: A Brief Survey of Integration Views By: Elizabeth Smith

3 Strategies in disagreeing By: dr. Deborah Gorton

How to Overcome Anxiety By: Rosanna Sierra-Swiech

The Disciplined Pursuit of No By: Dr. Deborah gorton


3 ways to Embrace and Overcome Fear By: Dr. Deborah Gorton


Reasons & Solutions to Poor Communication by: Rick Manabat


Could Community Be a Solution to Anxiety? By: Barbara Hill

Seasons of Transition By: Dr. Valencia Wiggins


Amazing Grace By: Dr. Mary Hendrickson


4 Ways to Cope With Loneliness by: Dr. valencia Wiggins


Counseling, Christianity and...Colorism By: Mary Hendrickson