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Practice Gratitude, Get Joy

Contrary to popular belief, joy is NOT connected to circumstances. In fact, you can feel joy alongside any life situation despite finances, relationships, or level of success. Alexandra Hoerr, the founder of Optimum Joy, explains how joy is not circumstantial and the pathway to live out joy is through practicing gratitude.

You can read more about the connection between gratitude and joy on Optimum Joy's blog.


BIO: Alexandra Hoerr founded Optimum Joy Clinical Counseling in Chicago. She specializes in treating trauma through existential and meaning making techniques, specifically supporting individuals who have experienced 'church hurt'. Mental health is vital to organizations, and Alex is passionate about working with businesses, non-profits, churches, leaders and teams in order to reduce hurt and unhealth, overall increasing connection and wellbeing. When not speaking or connecting with clients, Alex will most likely be found throwing together a last minute dinner at her apartment with anywhere between 6-20 people in attendance... and chances are the conversation will at least briefly turn to the Enneagram. You can learn more about Alexandra and her counseling practice on the Optimum Joy website.

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